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Uzalendo Golf Tournament for the Kenyan Diaspora

Hosted by H.E.Amb.Zachary Muburi- Muita Hosted by H.E.Amb.Zachary Muburi- Muita Hosted by H.E.Amb.Zachary Muburi- Muita

On a blissfully warm and sunny Saturday in the Bronx, a group of Kenyans gathered from as far away as South Carolina to compete for bragging rights at the 18-hole Pelham Golf Course. Many of the golfers were unfamiliar with one another; however, they were united under the umbrella of the Safari Golf Club, which is a national organization with a large Kenyan base and emphasizes fraternity amongst its members. The Uzalendo Golf Tournament was sponsored by the Kenyan Ambassador and All For Africa; while this years tournament didn’t raise money for charity, members hope to utilize the tournament to benefit charities in the upcoming year.

The Safari men and women joyfully trekked the courses, yet in between bouts of laughter their eyes shone with fiery ambitions of conquest. One gentleman was so determined to carve his own space for victory that he even bartered meal cards and compliments to earn favor with another to play against an old competitor. After playing 18-holes, all sixty of the Safari men were scheduled to gather at the home of the Ambassador, dine on Kenyan cuisine, and accept either gleaming trophies and new golf gear in recognition of skill on the course or a Piga Mingi (prima ballerina) as a reminder to put in ten thousand more hours of practice.

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