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President Kibaki Bids Goodbye to the Kenyan Diaspora in New York

At the Diaspora meeting

At the same time during the UNGA, H. E President Mwai Kibaki made time to host a special event for the Kenyan Diaspora in New York. During this event, as he bid good bye to the Kenyan Diaspora, he advised them to take up opportunities emerging from the recent infrastructural, technological developments in Kenya and invest heavily. The President encouraged those with leadership ambitions to return and compete for the newly created elective offices of Governors and Senators in the Constitution.

Diaspora leaders thanked the President and congratulated him on the skilled leadership that he has provided Kenya in his 2-terms tenure as President. On the implementation of Kenya’s most progressive constitution, the diaspora asked the President to ensure their right to vote and other rights as accorded under the constitution are safeguarded and asked his government to ensure successful implementation of the new constitution.

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