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Service Charter


The Kenya mission to the United Nations is the focal point for both Kenya’s bilateral and multilateral relations at the United Nations headquarters, where 192 countries are represented. Representation at the United Nations Headquarters is crucial considering that Kenya cannot have wide diplomatic representation throughout the world due to inadequate resources. The presence of the Mission in New York is critical, in view of the fact that the United Nations is the political center of multilateral diplomacy in the world. The mission engages within the community of nations under the aegis of the United Nations to project, protect and promote Kenya’s interests globally. In pursuit of its mandates, the Mission is guided by the Vienna convention on diplomatic relations, the United Nations Charter, Kenya’s Foreign Policy and the International Law.

The importance of the United Nations to Kenya can not be overemphasized. The emergence of new concerns has added to an already overcrowded agenda. Some of these include issues of peace and security, international terrorism, inter and intra-state conflicts, HIV/AIDS, advancing globalization and sustainable development. They have contributed to the complex situation confronting the diplomatic community today, especially those working in the UN system. Kenya plays a significant role within the East African region, by virtue of its dominance in socio-economic and political affairs and being host to the only United Nations Office in Africa which houses the United Nations Environmental Programme and the United Nations Human Settlement Programme. The country has transformed itself into an international business and diplomatic hub. Kenya’s long standing participation in peacekeeping and conflict resolution has boosted the country’s stature and reputation globally. Owing to its increasing vulnerability in a globalized world compounded by numerous challenges, it is inevitable for the mission to reassess its mandate and engagement with the international community.

This Service Charter is a response to the Ministry’s requirement that all its Missions and departments/divisions that provide services to the public should develop individual sub- charters based on the Ministry’s Charter. The Ministry’s Charter highlights the Ministry’s objectives functions and expectations of customers.

Purpose of the Charter

This service charter defines the Mission’s functions, obligations to and expectations of our customers- people of Kenya, the Kenya government and the international community. It details the services we offer including the standards, redress procedures whenever need arises all with a view to ensuring customer satisfaction.


To contribute to the implementation of Kenya’s foreign policy through effective multilateral diplomacy at the United Nations.


To be a leader in pursuit of Kenya’s interests within the multilateral framework of the United Nations.


To project, promote and protect the interests and values of the Kenyan people through effective diplomatic engagement.

Service Standards

We are committed to providing the highest standards of service to all our customers. You can expect the following from us:


    We will:

    • Treat you with respect and courtesy;
    • Maintain confidentiality where required;
    • Identify ourselves appropriately when serving you;
    • Be clear and helpful;
    • Act with care, diligence, honesty and integrity;
    • Refer enquiries we cannot sufficiently respond to relevant agency/authority; and
    • Ensure that our website is well set out, frequently updated and user friendly.


    We will endeavour to:

    • Deal with tasks efficiently and effectively;
    • Respond to correspondences promptly;
    • Attend to visitors promptly upon arrival;
    • Notify about our meetings in good time, at least two days in advance;
    • Reply to letters, faxes and emails within five(5) working days and on more complex issues, our initial reply will give you an estimate of the time a full response will take and the cost, if any; and
    • Prompt payment for goods, services and works upon submission of accurate invoices and any other supporting documents in line with government procurement rules and regulations;


    We will be available:

    • For working days/hours 9.00am -1.00pm and 2.00pm - 6.00pm;
    • Other times and during emergencies, we can be accessed on either cell phones, house phones, emails whichever may be applicable and appropriate;

    Service improvement

    We aim to:

    • Ensure that the accuracy and quality of our services remain world-class by continuously incorporating relevant developments in our service charter;
    • Further improve procedures for monitoring the quality of our services and reporting the results;
    • Upgrade the ways in which we deliver our services, in line with increasing improvements in technology and the changing needs of our clients; and
    • Develop a more streamlined system of handling enquires and feedback on our services


    As customers

    To ensure that you receive quality service, you can assist us by:

    • Providing accurate, timely information and documentation to facilitate prompt action;
    • Upholding professionalism and integrity in your actions with us;
    • Treating our staff courteously and with respect;
    • Giving your views and comments as a vital ingredient in helping us to monitor and improve the relevance and quality of our service to our clients. We will consider all suggestions fully and promptly in our planning for service improvement and wherever possible, we shall respond immediately;
    • Giving your views in random surveys of how you perceive our services and what additional services you need; and
    • Observing and respecting our procedures, rules and regulations;

    As service provider

    In our interaction with our customers, we commit to:

    • Uphold professionalism and integrity;
    • Provide effective and efficient service;
    • Be proactive in undertaking our duties and responsibilities;
    • Provide timely and relevant information as and when required;
    • Treat both information and our customers with confidentiality;
    • Treat our customers with respect and courtesy;
    • Maintain an open door policy to all in need of our services;
    • Facilitate capacity building through, including training to our internal customers;
    • Engage high caliber service providers to guarantee quality service;
    • Promptly and positively respond to staff needs; and
    • Provide a conducive working environment.

    To each other as colleagues

    • Team work and collective responsibility;
    • Honesty, transparency and accountability;
    • Courtesy and respect;
    • Respect for family values; and
    • Equity.


    Complaints, comments and suggestions

    We greatly welcome feedback on our performance to enable us deliver quality service to our customers. If you are dissatisfied with our services, kindly submit your complaints, comments and suggestions to us.

    Your complaints, comments, or suggestions will be handled by the relevant officers dealing with the subject matter in the Mission. If you are not satisfied with the response and wish to make a formal complaint, you may write to the Permanent Representative, Kenya Mission to the United Nations, New York.

    In case, you are dissatisfied with a decision of the Permanent Representative and have information or evidence that may not have been considered in the decision made, you may make an appeal.


Our address is:

Kenya Mission to the United Nations

866 UN Plaza Suite 304, NY, 10017


Telephone: +1 212 421 4740/1/2/3

Fax: +1 212 486 1985

Email info@kenyaun.org

You may also get more information about us on the internet at http:www.kenyaun.org.This site links to other important sites including our Ministry Headquarter.

Review of the Charter

The charter will be reviewed every two years or as need arises to keep abreast with new developments and to accommodate any lessons learnt from implementation of the present one.


We provide the following services:

To the people of Kenya;

  • Information on national policy and new developments;
  • Consular;
  • Lobbying for employment opportunities;
  • Promotion of the image, culture and interests of the Kenyan people;

To other Ministries and Departments;

  • Provision of strategic information on events;
  • Protocol services for visiting delegations;
  • Preparation of briefs and reports on events taking place within our area of accreditation;
  • Lobbying for specific interests and concerns as presented by the ministries/departments;

To other missions accredited to the UN and International organizations in New York;

  • Liaison ;
  • Elaboration of Kenya’s positions on various issues;
  • Contribution to debates and negotiations on individual and groups of country’s matters;

To Foreign Governments;

  • liaison services with relevant Kenyan authorities and organizations on enquiries;

To the United Nations, its agencies, funds and programmes;

  • Transmission of official correspondences;
  • Liaison services;
  • Facilitate negotiations on issues where Kenya has an interest or upon request;
  • Provision of advise on Kenyan related positions/matters;
  • Follow up on specific and strategic and administrative matters relating to the United Nations Office(s) in Nairobi, peacekeeping forces etc;
  • Ensure that the status of ratification of treaties and instruments is up to date in the United Nations records;

International organizations based in New York;

  • Provide information on Kenya;
  • Advisory services

Private sector, civil society organizations/individuals;

  • Advisory services;
  • Information on Kenya people, economy-trade, tourism and investment opportunities;
  • Consular services;

To our internal customers;

  • General administrative services;
  • Welfare services;
  • Moral support and encouragement;
  • Team work and mutual support in whatever undertakings;

Core Values

The values that guide us in discharging our duties are:

  • Patriotism;
  • Team spirit;
  • Collective responsibility;
  • Professionalism;
  • Discipline;
  • Dignity;
  • Integrity; and
  • Equity;

Core Functions

Our core functions are:

  • Promotion of multilaterlism and respect for international law as means of achieving global political and economic stability and security;
  • Capacity building for both institutional and humanitarian fields;
  • Coordination of the implementation of Kenya’s international commitments and obligations with the line ministries in Kenya;
  • Reinforcement of rule based multilateral approaches to problems of international peace and security;
  • Establishing regular dialogue with all nations to obtain support for Kenya’s position and interests on UN reforms;
  • Advancement of Kenya’s national positions on various issues;
  • Promote support for the New Partnership for Africa’s Development within the UN system and the wider community of nations.
  • Projecting and promoting a positive image and marketing Kenya internationally;
  • Promotion and facilitating efforts to end conflicts in Africa and the rest of the world;
  • Support to the development agenda of the developing countries;
  • Promotion of the implementation of the outcomes of major summits and conferences;
  • Ensuring adequate focus on Africa including support for major sustainable development programmes in areas such as infrastructure, HIV/AIDS and other health programmes, shelter and sanitation, environment;
  • Work within the UN system and with other partners to promote democracy, human rights and respect for international humanitarian law.
  • Provide consular services;
  • Provide strategic information and advice;
  • Provide protocol services;
  • Provide liaison and advisory services;


Our customers include:

  • The people of Kenya;
  • Government ministries/departments;
  • United Nations Secretariat, Agencies, Funds and Programmes;
  • Missions of other countries accredited to the United Nations;
  • International organizations based in New York;
  • Private sector, civil society organizations

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