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Employment Entry Form

Applications may be considered when submitted by prospective employers on behalf of their prospective employees. These may not normally be approved unless the prospective employer(s) can show evidence that they have been unable to fill the Particular Post(s) due to lack of suitably qualified personnel in the Kenya Labour Market.

Those seeking to work in Kenya must therefore ensure that their prospective employers have secured appropriate Entry/Work Permits before they proceed to Kenya.

Foreigners who wish to engage either alone or in Partnership in Business, specific trade or profession would have to furnish evidence that they have obtained or are assured of obtaining relevant licence(s), Registration or other authority that may be necessary in order to engage in the Contemplated Business, trade or profession.

In addition, they would be required to prove that they have sufficient capital derived from sources outside Kenya which is certain to be remitted to Kenya for the purpose.

For further information on Business related requirements and possible address in Kenya call our Commercial Section on Tel: (+1) 202 387-6101.

Those who have attained retirement age and wish to emigrate to Kenya may make application for issue of Entry/Work Permit under Class K to the Director Immigration Services, Nairobi.

They should have in their own right and at their full and fee disposition on assured annual income derived from sources outside Kenya and will be remitted to Kenya or derived from property situated, or a pension or annuity payable from a sufficient investment capital to produce such assured income that will be brought into and invested in Kenya.

Applicants for Entry/Work Permit of this class must undertake not to accept paid employment of any kind should they be granted Entry/Work of this class.