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Online Application for a Lost/Mutilated Kenyan Passport

Application for a New Kenyan Passport

Passports are not renewable after five years. Anybody whose passport has thus expired should apply for a replacement with a new passport.

Endorsement of Minor Children

We would like to notify Kenyan citizens in the US that Kenya Government no longer endorses children in parents passports. This is therefore to advise that arrangements should be made to obtain separate passports for the children previously endorsed.

Public Notice: Kenya Citizenship

Kenyans who voluntarily renounced Kenyan citizenship and want to regain it are required to fill Form 5 (Application to Regain Kenyan Citizenship) and Form 2 (Declaration by a Dual Citizen) and forward them to the Kenya Embassy for processing.


In the Matter of Oaths and Statutory Declarations Act (Chapter 15 of the Laws of Kenya) Affidavit

Consular Services Fees

Consular Services Fees Charged in the United States and in Kenya.

Filming License

All applications for licences to film in Kenya are processed by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Nairobi. Requests for filming licences should be addressed to:
The Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Information & Broadcasting
PO Box 30025
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: 00254 2 217475/228411/222073
Ext: 3102/2

Employment Entry Form

Please note that all non-Kenya Citizens must be in possession of Entry/Work Permits issued by the Director Immigration, before they can take up employment in Kenya, whether paid or unpaid. Applications for issue of Entry/Work permits are not processed at this Mission. They should be addressed to:
Director Immigration Services
Department of Immigration
PO Box 30191
Nairobi, Kenya

Research Entry

Application for authority to conduct research in Kenya by non-Kenyans

Birth, Marriage or Death Certificates

To obtain a copy of birth, marriage or death certificates a search form must be completed and returned to the Kenya Embassy together with a fee of US $50 postal order. In the case of birth/death certificate the postal order should be made payable to the Principal Civil Registrar, while postal orders for copies of marriage certificates should be payable to The Registrar of Marriages.