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Mission Staff

Ambassador/ Permanent Representative Ambassador/Deputy Permanent Representative Minister Counsellor 1 covers 2nd Committee Military Advisor covers 4th Committee Counsellor 1 covers 5th Committee Counsellor 2 covers 6th Committee First Secretary and covers 4th Committee Second Secretary and covers 2nd Committee Second Secretary covers 3rd Committee Consul Officer Administrative Attaché Administrative Attaché Technical Adviser covers 3rd Committee United Nations New York

The Kenya Mission to the United Nations serves as the Kenya delegation to the United Nations. Through diplomacy, negotiation, lobbying and daily monitoring of UN activities, the Mission’s main objective is to advance Kenya’s interests at the United Nations in critical areas namely: political, economic and social as well as legal, military, public diplomacy and management interests. The Mission covers a wide range of the Ministry’s Foreign Policy objectives, from peaceful resolution of disputes to protecting the environment as well as promoting sustainable development. The Mission externalizes Kenya domestic policies in a wide range of thematic issues and areas of interests to the country.

The Mission conducts multilateral and bilateral relations with representatives of the 193 UN Member States, over 30 Observer Missions, many Non-Governmental Organizations with observer status and the United Nations Secretariat, which serves member states. It also works with UN Funds and Programmes such as UN children’s fund (UNICEF), the UN Developmental Programme (UNDP), the UN Gender Entity on Women (UN Women), and the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) amongst others.

The Kenya Mission implements the Strategic Plan of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from which it implements specific multi-lateral mandate based on an annual performance contract it signs with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). This means that the Mission in New York promotes the same Mission, Vision and Core Values as contained in the MFA’s current Strategic Plan and its Service Charter, although, the service charter is adapted to the specific roles and functions of the Mission and its circumstances.

This year, 2013, Kenya is celebrating its 50 years of independence and 50 years anniversary as a member State of the United Nations; Kenya became a member of United Nations (UN) on 16th December 1963 and has since played a pivotal role in shaping international multilateral diplomacy here in New York.

Kenya is actively represented in all the six committees of the UN, ensuring that our national interests and views are taken into account in all areas, levels and circumstances. Other areas of focus include the reforms of the Security Council, improvement in the UN finances and strengthening of the UN capacity to deal with economic and social issues, peacekeeping and peace-building and conflict prevention amongst others. Kenya has been in the forefront of efforts to develop practical proposals for reforms of the Security Council, ECOSOC and the UN in general to make the institutions more responsive and strong to deal with modern challenges.

Ambassador/Permanent Representative

It takes exceptional skills and dedication to fully leverage the opportunities for a country like Kenya that exists in a place like the United Nations. The Kenya Mission to the United Nations, despite its small size and limited staff cohort, has proven itself time and again to be up to the task and to have the skills and the dedication to fully engage in the interest of the Kenyan Republic and it's people.

Ambassador/Deputy Permanent Representative

The United Nations Headquarters in New York is the busiest and the most exciting environment I have worked in yet. There are 193 countries and over thirty (30) Missions with observer status represented here. It is truly a beehive of activity. The Kenya mission to the United Nations is rated as one of the key and significant missions represented here. Kenya enjoys a high and respected profile.

Minister Counsellor I

Joshua Mugodo

Counsellor I

Mr Robert Mule Ngei

Counsellor II

Mr. James Ndirangu Waweru

Second Secretary

Mr. Tom Adala

Second Secretary

Ms. Beatrice Mwaura

Second Secretary

Mr. Tobias Ogweno

Administrative Attaché

Ms. Alice M. Nderitu

Financial Attaché

Mr. John M. Kimani

Defense Adviser

Col. Aphaxard M. Kiugu

Immigration Attaché

Mr. Charles M. Munyao


To be a leader in pursuit of Kenya’s interests within the multilateral framework of the United Nations.


To project, promote and protect the interests and values of the Kenyan people through effective diplomatic engagement.

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